Hairstyles With Braids for Your Wedding

If you are married, have three main options to fix your hair: you can take it with an elegant up-do, take it loose with some embellishments (such as a subtle headdress of flowers) or you can choose to pick it up in a braid. This last option we love, because it is comfortable and is more than fashion that never-if you don’t believe us, see the photos of the latest runways and red carpets: plagued by braids!

Braids are par excellence the hairstyle for weddings in Garden and during the heat, because they allow you to keep you fresh. In case outside little, there are plenty of variants, each with a very special touch to your look. Maybe you wear them on your big day? Look at these hairstyle with braids for wedding. Check out the photo gallery at

Hairstyles With Braids for Your Wedding

Side Braid

This hairstyle is perfect for a relaxed wedding, for example, a stylish boho chic. It is a rather simple braid, which combines perfectly with a very chic lace, dress like Charo Ruiz. It is also ideal for a link on the beach.

Collected With Horizontal Braid

This hairstyle is a little more complex and elegant. It is ideal for weddings at night, as well as to wear with a dress that has neckline in the back. You can supplement with some small flowers.

Boho Braid

Boho braids are loose, delicate and very romantic. They have some tousled hair, which gives you a very natural look. They are usually decorated with flowers small and white.

Loose Braid

It is still more relaxed that braid boho, with hair collected in a very subtle braid. It’s perfect for weddings in Garden, but be careful: If you planned to dance until dawn, might have to forget about it soon.

Inverted Braid

We have to warn you: looks much more complicated than it is. In fact, it is so easy you could do it. It is perfect for look elegant and comfortable in your link.

Retro Braid

Now that retro is fashion, many brides take a look the 1950s for your wedding style. Delineated winged eyes and lips red cherry perfectly combine with the high hairstyles. Ask to you a light crepe at the Crown so that your braid highlight more. Finally, place a subtle stones Crown.