Groom Tuxedos for Weddings on The Beach

Get good weather and many couples take advantage of it to make the wedding to the sea, the truth is a somewhat Ibiza and very romantic idea.

A groom dressed in white with soft tissues it is very sexy, also some formal outfits can transform to be ideal that day. Is comfort What raw material in this type of ceremonies.

Is also an opportunity to not take the classic clothing in this type of events, best thing is to get rid of those temperatures that make you hesitate to “if I want to” led by the heat and stress.

Here are some ideas:

  • Light colours: beige and white, combined with some strong color to the minimum details, as the tab or the tissue flowers.
  • Shirts Levite: take much in this kind of wedding (proof that don’t fit you too large or narrow).
  • The haircut: that day propose to your hairdresser cut young and jovial.
  • Shoes: depends on what as hippie is your wedding. There are sandals very interesting for this kind of occasions. Don’t forget to get the manicure and pedicure.
  • Accessories: If you decide to get married everything white, looking for necklaces or bracelets that highlight the style you have chosen. If the wedding is a day, try to not carry bright things, they reflect the brightness of the Sun and it will be annoying for attendees.

If you choose to wear a jacket asks to be a very breathable fabric and if you use tie than this light tones (although you can also dispense with it).

The more formal white suits can be used in wedding day other than to the open air. Weddings on the beach they almost always require a style carried by the personality of the bride and groom than by the formalities typical of these dates.

Don’t forget to get a facial cleanse since you sudarás by the nerves and not be aesthetic for the photos. Select a perfume for the day manly and light is the finishing touch for that special day under the Sun.