Grey Wedding Dress

Vania and Christine. Two girls who have teamed up in 2008 to start simply Bloom Photography. A creative alliance that has emerged from their friendship. And the outcome was an internationally very successful Fotografieduo, which regularly gives workshops and whose works are published in the largest magazines. The two live and work in Huntsville, Alabama and photograph families and weddings all over the USA and in Europe.

The highlights of her portfolio include this styled shoot in Venice, to show how much the city is suitable for engagements and weddings. They have collaborated with Eva and Clara of Chic weddings in Italy, who have taken over the styling of the shoot. Here at Top-mba-universities you can get more different models of the wedding fashion. And I have to say, these photos are really unique beautiful.

Through the sunset, the many colors of the houses, the famous Rialto Bridge and a romantic & extremely modern grey bridal gown, this shoot looks like a glimpse into a world of desire. I get a lot of wanderlust at the sight of these pictures. If Venice has always enchanted you, then these photos are a great feast for the eyes of you.


Photos of Simply Bloom Photography

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