Fashion and Blogs 153: Today You Will Blog about Weddings

Years ago there were few blogs about weddings, Currently, there are a lot. The main reason for the boom in blogging about Weddings is that many bride and groom looking for something different for their wedding. In United States blogging about weddings are more than settled and in Spain we are gaining ground gradually. Today fashion and Blogs make a review of some of the best blogs on weddings made in Spain.

One of the best blogs on Weddings is the Casilda is married. Wedding full of glamour, vintage, luxury, and with high-level brides who delight anyone. Most leading and lesser-known designers come out on his blog. Casilda will always ahead in terms of everything that surrounds the world of weddings. An essential.

It is not a proper wedding blog, but a fashion blog, but your post about weddings are very cool. The author goes to many weddings and always shows us the best looks of the guest. The blog is called masse Couture and is a source of inspiration to find perfect wedding guest outfits.

Blog wedding with Maron can find real wedding, ideas for banquet, decorative details and an endless number of things and of course, all related to the world of weddings. The blog is now out-of-date because the author has just had a baby, but there are like that again.

What I like about blog tulle and flowers are your post about wedding photographers. On his blog, you can find plenty of ideas and inspiration for the big day. A blog for all brides and grooms.

Best of confessions of a wedding are their authors who are dedicated to the Organization of weddings. It has a very professional look that reflected on his blog with enough elegance.

Rosa Clará is a benchmark in Spain wedding dresses. Rosa Clará blogged by Roberta Casely you can see wonderful brides around the world with their dresses. You can even see the own designer wedding.