Fascinators for Weddings of The Garden of Lulaila

The Garden of Lulaila It is a signature of headpieces and accessories created by Marta Ortiz de Zárate. It begins to take shape in 2006, where he creates his first Lulaila, a brooch shaped doll made of carded felt posed a great success that drives it in 2008 to form its own brand of headdresses and wonderful accessories.

After participating in local parades in Bilbao, his work what we have seen in the latest edition of Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week where filled with originality and elegance collection Loïe, fall-winter 2009 / 2010 Designer Maria Barros, placing chains, feathers and crystals to garments and shoes details.

Their headdresses highlighted by the play of different materials as the crochet or sequins, In addition to the use of parts of times different, salvaged from antique dealers. All of them are perfect for wedding day.

His 2009 collection performs a small tribute to the decades of the twentieth century that its designer considered most representative. In this way, it has 36 hits spread over four lines:

Mae line dedicated to the 1920s
With this line of eleven hits the garden of Lulaila evokes the most characteristic aspects of the crazy twenties. Glitter, fun, the elegance and the ‘anything goes’ come together and give prominence to the gold as the main color.

Mix materials as disparate as crochet or point and the sequins, feathers, and it is played with the dimensions with long feathers that recall the so marked aesthetic of the time. Without a doubt, my favorite because they Stylize much and bring a touch to the elegant and glamorous look.

The touched by way of tapes Mae line, along with the pens are my favorite. They can be very stylish but a bit uncomfortable because it falls across his forehead.

Greta line inspired by the simplicity of the 1940s
The sobriety and the awakening of the forties reflected when playing with elements representative as the nets or in the use of black as a main color, mixing with opposing such as Fuchsia or red colors.

“ Is a tribute to a decade trying to emerge from the dark years of the war ”, so its designer says it. Materials such as cloth the morning suit reminiscent of those first male outfits in a sober and elegant woman.

The Ava line that pays homage to the 1950s
Elegance and exquisiteness of the 1950s are the basis of this line of great-fascinators, thick feathers It covers front half, and bright colors like dark blue, mint green, red and Fuchsia; always in the company of black sequins and typical and original materials of the period.

There is also a fourth basic line that recovers their headdresses more fun, informal and characteristic of the previous collection as the bows of tulle or headdress ball suspended in the air.