Daytime Wedding

With the popularity of weddings during the day, it’s always a good idea to have a few looks on the sleeve, but few are so perfect for this kind of event as the chosen this week.

Because it works

Of course, light and sexy in the right measure, ideal for a sunny day of summer or spring. Choose a fresh fabric such as wool, flax or ramie cold, combine as in the photo, wearing a shirt off white or cream and finish with a metallic-toned tie, ideal for celebrations. If the Sun is bothering you, make sure you choose a Sunglass with more sophisticated design, avoiding the sports.

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Daytime Wedding


Change the tie by a metalized in a lively color to red or sky blue. As we’re imagining an outdoor event, consider using a Panama Hat to protect from the Sun, is an accessory of style that can leave the visual still cooler. Feet stay with an oxford Brown, Brown or honey color.

It wouldn’t be the same if…

Wearing a gray suit, one of the options listed for daytime events, because, although correct, the result is always a bit darker. A tie all stamped also would weigh too much, at times the piece lisa always fall better.

In short:

  • Weddings by day and in open places ask for clear suits;
  • Shiny fabrics neckties are successful in celebrations;
  • Be careful with the glasses, don’t choose anything very sporting;
  • A sunny day calls for a light as the Panama Hat;
  • Tie shoes are a sure choice and the oxford Brown is our indicated;