Clutchs for Weddings: in The Add-Ins Is The Success

For wedding, the dress is not only the cornerstone of a styling, but it complements and accessories play a fundamental role. Today talk of Mini-bags or what is the same clutchs in all its versions: envelope, pochette, baguette or totes although I have proposed a model of zara and mango, I intendo introduce less common brands designs.


Imagine accessories

One of the great discoveries of the season are the transparent clutchs. We see them in many shops. For which it does not frighten them teach it all, these creations are perfect and only suitable for the most daring.


The design of Imagine accessories It has a purse destro for that is not what you wear. Proposals which, in my opinion, are much more stylish with this touch gold to the Zara which are more informal and more colorful inside and out.



Imagine accessories

Rock style is more fashionable than ever. And clutchs more hard come loaded of studs, skulls and other trends of the season, the ASA’s fingers. It is ideal to wear looks very serious, and thus give it a more casual touch. You can then use them to look at your night outfits.

Mango Carmen Steffens


I mascaró

The Golden It is the metallic star. And this tone is transferred to all kinds of accessories. Brighter, with glitter, die-cutting, Matt, tanning… versions on infitas. And is that a Golden clutch combines with all the colors and styles. A long dress with sandals and gilded pochette is a look 10.


There are rigid models as of Mango and other more cuddly carved in skin as of Carmen Steffens o Nine West. This firm commitment by a line of designs in elongated form of baguette and carved in shimmering skin, ideal for white, blue or black dress.

Carmen Steffens handle Nine West Imagine accessories

Pastel colors

Carolina Herrera

The pastel colours they succeed in everything, and of course also in the clutch or portfolios. The rose is the tone star and is so easy to match that has become one of the most successful elections for a perfect look.


Details such as a chain to hang them when you’re tired of carry in the hand, tassels or buckles, you become them very feminine and sophisticated models.


For one wedding on the beach where the vaporous dresses, and even in some ceremonies are required to go white, ideally, the choice of a timbre of bright colors with certain hippie air.

Carmen Steffens