Chic Makeup For Brides

Wedding makeup is something that always brings head either to choose shades that we want to know if us maquillamos subtly or, on the contrary, with a make up colorful.

This chic bridal makeup we show you today is a sure hit. The video tutorial is available in Besteducationschools. Want to see how to do it? Paying attention to these steps.

Chic makeup

This chic makeup step-by-step:

1) into this makeup we will give emphasis to the color of the lips and outline the eye lines. We will apply a foundation of media coverage and matificamos powder to give the face velvety texture.

(2) in the eyes, we will use a beige Pearly shades nude for the rest to the eyelid. We mark the eye with eyeliner and had a grey shadow to flush with the lower lashes.

(3) lip, protagonist of this makeup, will be in a colour wine. We will use two finishes, one fixed to ensure durability and above this a gloss in the same tone.

4) add Rouge… and mark a little cheek and presto!! How about the result?

This chic makeup for a special occasion… clear that if guapi!

And you, in which wedding going it to look?