Cheap Marriage

Cheap marriages want many, that’s clear. However, how much money a celebration with family and friends costs, however, is often only clear to many couples when the planning phase of the wedding starts. Even for small wedding parties and purely civil weddings, some items that simply cost money are covered. Wedding invitations, dresses for bride and groom, bouquets, wedding rings, possibly a rental car, wedding dinners and small gifts for the guests cost money and are actually missing at any wedding. And that would not even mention a budget for a photographer or a photojournalist and a location to celebrate. The majority of each wedding budget goes for photos, location, food, dresses, rings and music, but also the small items such as accessories and tips make up a sum at the end of the wedding.

Of course, there are some tips and tricks on how to make a great wedding more affordable. The simplest and most effective ways to save money at the wedding, we have collected here for you.

Cheap marriage–Save on Hochzeitspapeterie

Getting married without a wedding invitation is difficult. Of course, you can also send a message or mail to your guests, but a wedding invitation on paper is for many to marry. At the card shops there are of course the most different providers, but generally you can say that you buy cheap wedding cards online and can save a lot of money. Many online print shops often have discount promotions for wedding invitations or there are perks when ordering many invitations. The sooner you buy the wedding invitations, the better. The faster the pressure usually has to go, the more expensive it becomes.

Online card shops are often not inferior to local suppliers in terms of design and quality. To be safe, you can buy your cards with the minimum order quantity and hold them in your hand and look closely. Then you can decide whether the purchase is worthwhile. Free text ideas for your wedding cards can be found here, by the way, “wedding invitation texts” and here “Thanksgiving wedding–Thanksgiving Texts and tips”.

Make your wedding cheap–DIY projects that save money

DIY Projects Save pure money and make a wedding wonderfully individual. The only catch you bring is of course the time factor. If you want to do a lot of things yourself, you need enough lead. But with a bit of planning, small and beautiful projects can be mastered. If you have a great family and a lot of friends, you should consider early on to hand over some projects to friends and family.

Of course, this starts with clothing: If you want to save money, ask grandma, aunt and godmother for your old wedding dresses! There are, of course, funny finds, which in no case are eligible for you, but it is worthwhile to look. Maybe that’s one or the other find. If not the whole wedding gown, maybe you can wear the veil of grandma, the aunt’s pocket or the godmother’s wedding chain. The “something old” would have you ticked off as well. But it doesn’t have to be “new”, especially for a small civil wedding.

Keira Knightley has done it and married in a beautiful dress that she had already worn and is wearing again and again. Others draw loose jeans jackets over a dress and nice shoes are also in the closet and may wear them again! In combination with a chic dress, such accessories look great and modern, and above all, lace dresses take on the heaviness.

Get married-make flower decorations yourself

It is also possible to make the floral decorations yourself or to hire someone from the family who is interested in flowers. Large, loosely bound bouquets are in vogue and flowers from the market are cheaper and often fresher and nicer. Go to a market stand or the market and make an appointment to which you need the flowers. The dealer often gives you a different deal from the florist. Talk about what you imagine and tie together a sample bouquet so that you can see if the result is the same as your ideas.

Then you can hire someone to receive or pick up the flowers in the morning of your wedding. Someone has to tie the bridal bouquet in the morning, bring you and the rest of the flowers go to the location. Do not make any illusions, you will have no time and no desire to do so on the wedding day itself. Ask friends or family who likes to take care of the flowers.

Especially with the flowers for the location you have to remember that your container needs to be transported together with the flowers every now and then. For small companies, you may be able to take the car with you in the evening. In the case of larger wedding companies, several cars can be used together with the decoration. Or you are giving away the flowers from the table to your guests. You will also find here a great guide to making the flower decoration for the Bride: flower wreath made of real flowers for the bride~DIY~easy and fix Yourself

Make Table yourself

In the location, depending on the decoration old tea and coffee pots can look great as flower vases. It does not have to be full of flowers, a bit of veiled cabbage, some peony or tulips depending on the season and a few twigs as Dekogrün and on the table are enough for smaller wedding tables and look beautiful. If you have a talented wood worker in your family, you can cut the wood slices. Floral bouquets, a few decorative elements such as old books, lace blankets and possibly further old dishes can be arranged on them. This looks pretty light and individual. Simple and simple table decorations in white & green are trendy.

Making Guest Gifts Yourself

Also with the guest gifts you can be creative and do not necessarily have to spend a lot of money. Did you plan a big candybar? Then put paper bags on your seat, which can be filled as a guest gift. Binds colourful straws in the color of your wedding to small champagne bottles and places them in the place. Buy small bags of flower seeds and throw a small paper bag with your name and your wedding date into which you put them. Then the guests, when they look at the seeds, have a great memory of your wedding.

You like jute bags and are happy to be creative? Paint or Label jute bags with your name or wedding motif and your wedding date. You like chocolate? Tinkering with melted chocolate, wooden pens and small baking moulds drinking chocolate to take away! or dispense with guest gifts and make your guests aware of the possibility of mixing cool drinks themselves. Put everything you need for a few drinks on a small car. Write down the ingredients and the recipes on paper and frame them, put them on the table and let your guests have fun!

A wedding with a small budget–want money as a wedding gift

A nine vacuum cleaner, a blender and a decorative snail for the garden? These gifts are not to your liking? We can understand that. Of course, the bride and groom are also happy to receive money from the guests if they wish. In addition, you can write a note to the wedding invitation that guests know that they do not have to go to the search for lost wedding gifts. This budget is a big part of large wedding companies and can of course be scheduled when it comes to paying the bills.

The only catch: Of course, you can roughly beat it, but a guarantee of how much money comes in reality, it does not do. Therefore, the big posts for the wedding should already be, this money plans for bills, which are then no longer the big sums. This way you are safe, but still saves at the wedding party.

A wedding without money-borrowing

Those who do not want to give up some items at the wedding, but who do not have any money or generally need a good financial injection for the wedding, can of course take a loan. Wedding Credit Providers There are some on the market, comparing the conditions and informing you about maturity and amount of interest. These two are, of course, dependent on the amount of money you borrow. With comparison platforms you often get a loan cheaper than at the bank around the corner.

For many, taking a loan is the easier solution than borrowing money from the family. But anyone who has an uncomplicated relationship with his family can, of course, ask for a financial subsidy for the wedding. Maybe he’ll even be offered to you by generous parents or grandparents. Think carefully about the extent to which borrowing money does not complicate your relationship with family members. After all, it’s your wedding! You want to make the wedding with the budget as you have it, as you like it.

Save at the wedding–small tips for the big feast

If you have booked a DJ for your wedding or for other service managers you can save money if you pay them in the evening or on the day of the wedding bar. You should be aware, of course, that this may be a best man or a good friend for you, so that you have nothing to do with your wedding day. Decoration and furniture can be rented for a wedding and can also be returned after the party. If you want to use a certain utensil, you can also borrow this (just like Deco elements and furniture). Then you just have to pay a fraction of what would cost something new. If you do not want to pick up your wedding dress, you can resell it after the wedding. In particular, designer models are still achieving good prices for second hand, even on online platforms. Here at lawschoolsinusa you can get more information of the wedding items online.

Listen to the circle of friends and talk to friends who have already married. They may also have tips on what they would do differently and what they cost a lot of money. Of course, it is always important to pay attention to what it is worth spending a lot of money on. Get a different service provider and compare them. Negotiate again if you feel you can get a better deal. You also have time to find the right service provider. And remember: Having fun is the most important goal on the wedding day. Do not give up a few extras and do not worry before and after the wedding!

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