Candy Table for Wedding: 7 Tips for Ideal Decorating

The table of sweets, besides being the place where the main delights of a wedding party are, is one of the main details of the decoration. This table is indispensable and makes all the difference in, so it can not be missed.

If you still do not know what your wedding candy table will look like, check out our suggestions for models and ideas just below. There are 7 steps to decorating a candy table for a wedding, see which one catches your attention the most and use reference to make your own.

Basic Model

This model is best suited for small parties with few guests. It can be made in a square or round table, in it we

Candy Table for Wedding: 7 Tips for Ideal Decorating

put some variations of sweets. The cake may also be present at this table, preferably in the center.

Medium Model

A rectangular candy table is used, and in the center of it is the decorated cake. Around, various candy options that can be arranged in various ways. The sweets must complete the whole table, so bet on varieties such as brigadeiro, kiss, eye of mother-in-law, among others of your preference.

Colored Tables

Suitable for those looking for a model that draws more attention. The candy wrappings can be of different colors depending on the taste, the cake can present colorful details, the potted plants as well, among other details that you find necessary.

Flowery Tables

Many brides choose to use potted plants to decorate their candy table. These vases are modern accessories, not to mention that the types of plants can be chosen according to the preference of the bride and groom.

Contemporary Tables

It is one of the models that attracts the most attention. They are more detailed and have different accessories. See in the photo above that the wedding table lighting and style formed a beautiful combination and gave a very modern look to the environment. Here at digopaul you can get more different models of the wedding decor.

Cake Table

Some people prefer to leave a table only for the sweets and another with the cake. At this table where you put the cake some candy is used to complete the rest of the decoration. Usually this option is used at larger parties and with more guests. You put the cake in the center and around them more candy decorating.

Wooden Table

The wood provides a beautiful decoration to the environment. In models with drawers the candies are placed inside them, as shown in the image above. This table is great for decorating the marriages that are held outdoors, it has everything to do with the environment.