Brides Dressed in Love

As we know, the color red has many meanings in different cultures, but regardless of the context, we can say that it is the color that requires our attention to a greater degree and that always involves an air of sophistication in the world of fashion.

Symbolizes vitality, impulses, energy and most importantly: love. So it is no coincidence that in the month of February we find it in all details and decorations for Valentine’s day.

It is noteworthy also that although this color has endured through time in the taste of the fashionistas more recognized, in 2013 will see it as the protagonist of important international collections. Taking into account the foregoing, how you would like include that color on your wedding day?

Currently the wedding dresses in colors other than white have positioned themselves successfully on the catwalks around the world. A clear example is the new collection of Vera Wang spring which was released in recent days in the Bridal Week in New York. Like Vera, other designers like Elie Saab considered that mix this tone with traditional colors also bring good luck, prosperity and happiness to the brides, makes them look radiant and at the same time daring on this special occasion. Saab designs range from bright red to sober and elegant colour wine.

Obviously you don’t need bets for something so bold if you’re a conservative and classic bride, but why not try adding small details red on your big day?

Accessories and Add-ons in this tone will give you a different and lively touch no matter if you’re blonde, brunette or redhead then you will be given “life” and light to your skin and your face.

Shoes, bouquet or even a hit would be a good choice for applying this color since they are considerably discrete elements, but key in your wedding outfit, undoubtedly correct to highlight the feminine side and coquettish your personality.

Now, if you do not dare to use this color in your person but you consider it as one of your Favorites, could do the theme of your wedding to spin around him with elegant centerpieces, details of your cake, in the calligraphy of your invitations and even in the your bridesmaids dresses.