Bride Flea Market: Online Shopping Marketplace for Bride and Groom

Do you know also the saying “immediately if the wedding theme, everything is directly more expensive!”? Yes, it is true unfortunately. This has many reasons. For example, the number of weddings is limited in the year, most couples want the heiraten…an of course Friday or Saturday a few weekends in the summer revenues must first be generated… Well, sometimes the spell fails to pass us yet, but on the whole we no longer upset about it. It’s just the way.

And if you ever spend cheerful money is without to annoy every time about the outrageous prices, what moves one twice in the shopping cart, which is afterwards no longer needed.Pom poms in a color that you feel then summarily but as not suitable. Or too many of the slippers, which were intended as a Zweitschuh alternative for guests. Or you have ordered shoes from England, but unfortunately do not fit, that costs just unfortunately more time returning and nerves, than that’s what bringt…Vielleicht had her also no Fehlkäufe, but much too much in decoration, left, who no longer needed her after the wedding? I’m thinking candle holder, which you can borrow anywhere in the area, so “must” buy 10 execution… Or chair covers, the piece (!) can be rented for €4,5. Sorry, then but rather directly buy and sell afterwards.

Now you can build a small “shrine” with all the decoration after the wedding, with beautiful memorabilia, great table decorations and the “Mr. & Mrs.”-signs. Or everything disappears in the basement, because it’s too good to throw away. Not really useful, eh?

That thought is also the founder of bride flea market and built up an online platform for all brides, ex-brides and wedding crazy. Here can you put your unneeded decoration and all Fehlkäufe, other brides and grooms make happy and even earn some money. Good then the honeymoon till 😉 AND somehow you can use it now as an excuse for planning.

Man: “honey, these are not too many tassel garlands and pom poms?”
Woman: “no no, determined not. “And if they do, I can again determined that sold!” 😉

The set of articles will cost nothing in the founding year in. Very handy! Thus I can still set my Fehlkäufe and decoration anyway this fall, yes nothing will cost. A small Commission is only on a successful sale. And the payment runs through the system of bride flea market, so safe and easy for everyone! Here at allcitycodes you can get more different models and styles.

By the way, you will find not only great articles by brides for brides, but also a few products hand-picked “premium supplier”bride flea market. So are for example the great stand of luck & blessings with it, and also the DIY Cake Topper KIT for auto painting (can you personalize expensive buy, or order the KIT and create your own hand or brush!).

The platform is “brides for brides”. So you guys your love brides 2015, yet what about on decoration? We have seen already some class pictures on Instagram and would love the one or the other candle holders (in gold please, yes!) to find the bride flea market ;-).