Bridal Shower

The bridal shower is always done before the wedding, where the bride and groom receive dear friends and their families for a more intimate meeting and full of very special moments. At the time they play games, but the focus is always the delivery of gifts.

Have you been invited to a bridal shower and still do not know what to give the bride and groom? We picked some super cool ideas to please your friends on this occasion.

Gift Tips For Bridal Shower

With List Or Without List?

Before telling you which are the best options for bridal shower gifts, there is one very important detail that should be attacked.

Some couples choose to keep a gift list with what they want and in that case you will assign your name to a pre-selected item by the bride and groom. So being so, there is not much choice to create at the time of choosing the present.

Creative Dishes

If you were responsible for finding a set of dishes for the couple of friends who are celebrating the wedding, nothing better than to look for totally different and innovative pieces. A simple set of dishes, without any ornament, costs an average of 25 reais in any store that sells such products.

For the case of our tip, you’ll spend a little more than that, but it sure will delight your friends with your gift.

Decorated, creative and even exclusive dishes can reach prices as high as 400 reais or more, depending on the type. If you are willing to invest this amount in this one, and especially if the bride and groom are completely special people, nothing is fairer than paying such a price. A unique tip is to have the dishes personalized with pictures, engravings or just the couple’s name.

Custom Cup Games

In the same way you can use the creativity to choose the decorated and / or customized dishes you will adopt for the glasses. The price is a little lower, being able to reach 100 reais or a little more for a set of 6 totally personalized cups.

To further increase the gift, you can also choose a cup holder set on the same theme or with another creativity. In this case you can pay about 10 reais for each piece depending on the style.

Cookware Support

Every housewife needs good brackets for pots and pans that are put on the table. These supports serve to prevent the heat and temperature of the food from damaging the table or the towel and even, so that it does not stain. With a little more creativity and research you find totally different cookware support games.

A great example of what we are talking about are the commercially marketed follow the color pieces, with stands that simulate people lying down holding the weight of the pot or container, as you can see in the image. This game has a relatively low market value, costing only 29.25 reais.

Cookware Set

Choosing an ideal cookware for your friends who are having wedding marking is a relatively difficult task. The first idea is to know more about the kitchen decoration of the new house because some couples choose certain brands for all pots, others choose a specific model or color, among other details.

On average, a common set of cookware costs about 170 reais, depending on the quantity, model and mainly brand of the pieces.

To get this right, we recommend that you consult the bride and groom before you buy and ask for advice on what you want. If your gift was chosen from a list, it should contain all the information you need to get it right.

Tea Set

Most modern homemakers rarely use their tea sets for such a high priority, but these pieces can not fail to be part of any home décor. For this reason, the more decorative the set you will choose to give your friends, the more charming your gift will be.

We recommend that you opt for creative tea sets with animal and character themes such as this beautiful Snow White tea game.

Dish Cloths

Have you ever imagined a housewife without a dish towel in your kitchen? It is practically impossible and more and more these pieces gain prominence in the decoration of the house.

For newlyweds a wonderful idea are cloths of dishes with such a theme, as messages of happiness or something. Dishes with animal themed dishes are also always welcome.

The amount you pay for these parts is quite relative because it depends on the type of work that is printed on them. If it is a handmade dishcloth, it can cost an average of 20 reais a unit, already printed with messages, but simple, you pay a little less, between 10 and 15 reais the piece.