Bridal Makeup in Summer: What to Do in Heat?

Are you planning your wedding in summer? Then you should consider additional details with your bridal makeup – otherwise the heat could provide some unpleasant surprises.

On the most beautiful day of your life you also want to look just as beautiful. For this reason, you should use caution when making bridal make-up if you want to enter the port of marriage in the summer months. Because of the warm sunny weather during the festivities – heat and the sun can also have their shadows. Find out what is important during styling on hot days.

Bridal makeup for hot days:tips

As a bride, you can quickly sigh tears of joy in the eye.This is a reason why bridal make-up is recommended to use waterproof eyelash tints.On hot days all the more, since you could make additional sweat drops.In order to free the face between the sweat, it is also recommended to have cosmetics cloths with which you can gently dab between your face.Of course you should also have your make-up with it, in order to refresh it as needed.

There is also a lot to be aware of in the hairstyle. If you are planning to kick the altar with a long curly hair, you should consider it well.Under the hair you could sweat quickly – and then the open hair can look fast flat or straghnig.For a wedding on a hot summer day, a chic high-neck wedding dress is certainly a better idea.

Think of sun protection

Besides sweat, there is another danger on a hot sunny day that could ruin your bridal make-up – and is also a threat to health: sunglasses.For this reason, you should put on products with sun protection during make-up in the event of outdoor activities.For example, you can take a BB Crem or a tinted day cream with sun protection.But remember: Not only the face should be protected from sunglasses, but also other, non-covered skin parts.Choose a high-quality sun cream that does not grease or dull.