Bridal Hairstyles and Plus Size Dresses

If you have curly, curly or curly hair you can not miss these tips for the perfect hairstyle at the wedding!

The choice of wedding hairstyle is among the most important for the bride. In addition to the dress, shoes and accessories to be worn from the Big Day, this item takes time, care and a lot of search for references.Although each type of hair demands special attention, the main tip is unanimous: always care for the health and care of the hair.

And today we separate special tips for brides with curly, wavy and curly hair.Check and gorge on the altar!

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  1. Take on the bunches

Generally quite bulky, curly and curly hair gives a lot of style and beauty to brides. And their combinations in hairstyles are numerous. “The possibilities are almost endless. Long hair can get totally loose or hold on one side, or even throw everything to one side to create a different style. But these are just a few possibilities. In the case of short hair, an always elegant alternative is to distribute side, but near the middle of the head, or to make a coke with style, ” says Soraia Ferretti, director general of Lunablu, a hall specialized in curly hair, curly and wavy.

For any bride, the ideal hairstyle is the one that highlights the shape of the face, biotype, in addition to being in harmony with the dress chosen. If the model has many details, lace, stones and necklines, for example, the ideal is to choose a more basic hairstyle such as coke or ponytail.

For the afro and curly hair, the ideal, according to experts, is always to choose not to straighten and take the locks in their natural form. “For curly, afro, wavy and curly hair, the most important thing is to maintain the natural texture of the hair, making it even more beautiful,” says Rachel Ramos of Puntuale.

  1. Pay attention to the time of the ceremony

Essential when choosing the hairstyle is to have attention in the time and place of the ceremony and reception. Daytime marriages, in general, are more relaxed and, therefore, allow semi-stuck hair with basic accessories and even loose.

The most important thing is that the bride is always comfortable with her hair. If the ceremony is held in open places such as beaches and fields , it is ideal to take into account factors such as wind. This should ensure that you are prepared to avoid becoming untidy or uncomfortable.

  1. Hair stuck is a thing of the past

For a long time the brides’ hairstyles always resembled totally or partially bound hair, especially for Afro and curly hair. In the more traditional and classic ceremonies, in fact, the hairstyles that leave the hair stuck or semi-arrested are highlighted. In more relaxed marriages, however, brides are more comfortable to dare. In the US, for example, the bride Nakyia Whitty, 27, decided that she would marry her hair in its natural form, a powerful black power. And she decided that, with her, all her godmothers would do it, too.And the result was simply amazing!

With style and elegance, plus lots of personality, this wedding destination has proven that there are no rules when choosing the ideal hairstyle, as long as it conforms to the bride’s personality and marriage proposal.

“Brides should consider their personal style. We do not indicate innovation on the wedding day, because the bride needs to be calm and feeling very beautiful with her choice, “says Soraia Ferretti.

  1. Use accessories that make up the look and stand out

Besides the possibility of using totally natural hair, loose and only with a prominent accessory, brides of curly hair can also opt for braids, cokes, semi-stuck hair with top volume and various combinations.

“Most accessories work well for curly hair, and the size of the accessory is going to be defined according to the hairstyle, but for curly hair, bigger accessories are more beautiful,” says Rachel from Puntuale.

  1. Pre-wedding preparation

Just like straight hair, curly, curly, curly hair needs attention not only on the Big Day but also earlier. Rachel gives the tips to the brides:” Curly hair works better and looks more beautiful when you stay a few days without washing, so the care I recommend is not to do any different treatment before the wedding and leave for 3 or 4 days without washing to prepare the hairstyle. ”

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