Bridal Accessories for the Wedding

Today on the blog, we have a special mega participation of the designer Diana Cantídio. She tells us the trends of accessories for the most demanding and modern brides.

Diana Cantídio Montes graduated in Industrial Design (Design) by UFPE in 2005. In 2006 the first bride D.Cantidio is married. In 2009 he exhibited his wreaths in São Paulo and became a national reference creating a unique garland style. Since then, she has been producing and sending her copyrighted accessories for brides from all over Brazil and Portugal.

Today, it has three stores (Recife, Brasilia and São Paulo) and more than 14 representatives spread throughout Brazil. His work has already appeared in several national magazines (Vogue Noiva, Creative, Caras’s Jewelry Directory, Bride’s Mannequin…) and in some Globo novels.

1 – When And How Did You Enter The Wedding Market?

n 2005 a customer of my accessories (rings, earrings, which I made at the time) asked me to make her bridal head accessory. I stopped and never stopped! (Laughs). Her name is Janaína Siqueira, a physician and she was married in 2006.

2 – What Is The Most Difficult Part In Terms Of Designing A Piece For The Most Demanding Brides?

Need some kind of plot millimetrically, considering that they are handmade pieces and each one ends up getting a bit exclusive.

3 – What Marriage Was The One That Most Marked Its Trajectory?

Wow, that is a difficult question! Many have marked me. The one of close people, like my sister and the sister of a friend of mine. That last one, it was very early and I remember that I went to her wedding and I was a little afraid, I do not know why, she did not use the piece! (Laughter) But when I saw her, my, I was moved!

The closer I get to the client before her marriage, the more curious and happy I get after seeing her ready!:)

Now, in professional terms, the one that marked us was Palominha, in the diminutive even because whoever marries twice with our pieces becomes intimate! Interpreted by Paolla Oliveira in “Amor a Vida.” She used D.Cantidio to tiara Bolotinha in the first and tiara Flor de Lis in the renewal of votes that appeared in the last chapter of the novel. Here at you can get more different models and styles.

4 – What Are The Advantages Of Brides Getting Their Pieces?

Become a beautiful and stylish bride!

5 – What Is The Main Differential Of D. CantÍDio?

Our unique design, because our style is unique. Delicate pieces, with flexibility to fit any hairstyle beyond our service. I love you both very much.

6 – Do You See Any Difference Between The Accessories Used By The Brides In The Current Weddings For The Marriages Happened Decades Ago?

Yes. As much as one always seeks to dress the bride in a timeless way, the timeless of each decade changes.

In the 70’s were many natural flowers, filled … in the 80’s and 90’s, heavier pieces.

Today it mixes a little of each season in the accessories with a more natural footprint (in the makeup). In addition to now there are D.Cantidio pieces to end the monotony! (Laughs)

7 – What Is The Most Requested Part For Your Customers?

The Tiaras are champions …

8 – What Advice Would You Give To Brides During The Marriage Preparation Phase?

Will be all right!

Below we present some of the accessories of D.Cantídio so that all of you are inspired!