Boho Wedding

A breeze of freedom blows on these untypical ceremonies, in which love is celebrated in simplicity and gentleness. In the Boho wedding trend, the heart of the Pinterest Junkies beat higher: countless pictures of this great day flooded the channels. We will introduce you to this topic.

Boho Wedding

In the wedding industry, a trend has been particularly prominent for several seasons: this ceremony makes the hearts of all romantics dream and is called “Boho wedding”. Popular with Kate Moss and Jamie Hince, this celebration is strongly inspired by the hippie lifestyle.

The whole universe around the Boho wedding is romantic, dreamy, idyllic, hedonistic, modest and heart-warming. The women wear flowers in the hair and the decoration is colorful, vintage or handmade. All in all, it is a ceremony that is anything but conformist. We invite you to discover the poetic world of this trendy wedding.

Ingredients For The Boho Wedding

The hippie trend codes are exhausted in full: fringes, feathers, lace, flowers and jewelry are omnipresent in this type of ceremony. Just like in a traditional wedding, nothing is left to chance and every detail counts: from the candles on the guests’ tables to the accessories of the bride.

Nature and its associated symbols are also of great importance and underline the general atmosphere. For example, the wind for freedom, which you can particularly emphasize during the ceremony, stands on an airy decoration with flowing-light fabrics. Green plants and dream catchers are among the most popular decoration ideas.

Sociability is also an important aspect of this topic. So choose Persian carpets and comfortable pillows to create a place full of nomadic inspiration. We recommend the 70-year-old fans a tent: Bohemian ambience guaranteed!

The Boho wedding often takes place outside in a garden, on the beach or in the midst of trees … to illuminate these natural areas sufficiently, you can hang light garlands.

The decoration usually consists of unconventional second-hand furniture and handmade individual pieces, which lovingly find their place at this celebration. A colorful and non-coordinated table service will give your guests a smile, while candles and flowers scattered on the table provide the romantic touch.

For the symbolic touch, keep your rings in an old vintage box, which is set on a little grass. In this way, the nature, family and tradition symbolize the essential values ​​at a Boho wedding.

What To Wear As A Guest?

Just like the bride, you should also avoid puffy and voluminous dresses. A long, flowing, light-weight dress fits perfectly. To emphasize a feminine silhouette, choose a back cut with top details. Pastel colors are ideal for this delicate look. When it comes to shoe selection, we recommend that you do without the high heels-especially when the wedding takes place outdoors. Pretty ballerinas, laced sandals or wedge heels are the most suitable companion.

The Blumenkranz is undoubtedly the star among the accessories for a Boho wedding. Fine jewelry is also very popular: a delicate ethnic necklace, earrings with feathers or a golden hairpin give you an elegant look. For the hairstyle you do not have to try in your styling skills yourself with complicated plug-in haircuts: Put on loose braid dresses that are just right for the Boho style.

You can cover your shoulders with a flowing cloth or kimono when it gets colder in the open and the temperatures fall. To balance your silhouette with a flowing dress, a brown leather belt in the cowboy style is the right means to emphasize your waist.