Boat Neckline Wedding Dresses

In this article I will talk about the boat neckline that today has become a favorite of brides.

Boat neckline is assimilated to the shape of the bottom of a boat, hence it’s name comes from. Also referred to as cleavage tray. Well characterized mainly by drawing a line straight from shoulder to shoulder and leaves them exposed, it may be lesser or greater extent. Also keep in mind that it is divided in two: neckline romantic boat and classic boat neckline.

Romantic boat neckline:

With romantic boat neckline wedding dresses have lace lace and teach much more skin, it also has a light formation that reminds the Sweetheart neckline. Because this type of boat neckline is ideal for brides with small or medium-sized bust.

Classic boat neckline:

With classic boat neckline wedding dresses are much more common. It is sober and demure at the same time charming and elegant. It favors much brides with prominent bust because they use a same neckline front and back.

In general, these dresses are recommended for brides who have prominent chest, wide hips, narrow shoulders, long and slim neck. They are also perfect for brides who want to look elegant and beautiful. They are not recommended for brides that his back is wider than your hips, the attention will be on the top.

I’m also going to take the opportunity to show you some models of wedding dresses with boat neckline.

Models of boat neckline dresses for brides

1. cut A bride dress

Beautiful dress in A court with boat neckline, sleeveless, embroidered only on the top, belt a little wide, and skirt with delicate pleats and tail. This dress is perfect for delicate and romantic brides.

2 wedding cut wrap dress

Modern dress cut snug and simple, long sleeves with button, original belt, buttons and a big bow in the back, and skirt long with tail. This dress is perfect for modern brides.

3 wedding at court tube dress

Elegant dress in cutting tube with boat neckline, short sleeves, lace only at the top, and skirt long tail. This dress is perfect for brides who want to look stylish and fashionable at the same time in their marriage.

4 classic wedding dress

Beautiful dress in classic cut with boat neckline, spaghetti, embroidery at the waist and wide skirt with some folds. This dress is perfect for classic brides and with style.

5. wedding dress with hip cut

Spectacular cut at the waist with boat neckline dress, original detail at the waist and skirt with tulle. This dress is perfect for brides who want to look simple and elegant in their marriage.

6 Mermaid girlfriend in court dress

Modern in court Mermaid dress with neckline boat, short-sleeved, lace both at the top as in the lower area, and skirt with tail. This dress is perfect for bold brides.

7. wedding in court dress Princess

Beautiful dress in court siren with boat neckline, sleeveless, lace, beadwork and floral chiffon applications, also has a voluminous skirt. This dress is perfect for brides who want to look all about princesses on the day of their marriage.