Autumn Wedding Decoration

In autumn there is a very special atmosphere in the air – this atmosphere should also be reflected in the autumn decoration. That is why we have here some nice ideas for the autumn wedding decoration for you.

Autumn Wedding Decoration

Pumpkins, leaves, cones and cereals are the focus of the charming wedding decoration (, so the autumn flair is sure to delight your guests.

Autumn outfit for bridal couple and guests

The bridal couple Spencer and Byrce put on white and gray in terms of wedding outfit, while the bridesmaid dresses in lilac make for a colorful accent. Also a real eye-catcher: the buttons for the bridegroom and the bridemother.

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Wedding Decoration Autumn: The wedding ceremony can begin

If seasonal impressions are announced for your wedding decoration, pumpkins can not be missed. At the entrance, the bride and groom presented two pumpkins – a beautiful autumn detail for the wedding photos.

In order to make the wedding decoration autumnal, the two have also set up branches for the wedding ceremony with light chains, bales of hay and pumpkins. Also wooden stems as tables and grain as tables decor conjure autumn mood into the hall.

Charming table decoration for the autumn time

Impressive highlight of the wedding decoration: autumn accents with a pumpkin, in which the initials of the bridal couple are carved. Tree-washers and simple glass vases with linen cloth and white lilac decorate the tables. Also conceivable for the autumn table decoration are rose hips, heather, apples and berries.

At the wedding stahl in white with a small pair of squirrels as wedding figures, twigs serve as an additional, subtle decoration.

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