Autodeko For Wedding – Forms, Styles and Fixtures

The autodeko for the wedding is just as important as the wedding car itself and is an ultimate view during the autokorsos. But beware! There are some very important things to consider at Autodeko.

Autodeko For Wedding - Forms, Styles and Fixtures

The easiest way is to consult a professional florist at Autodeko.

Many rental companies of wedding cars also offer a complete package, in which the Autodeko is already included. The landlords for wedding cars and florists can also be found in our branch book.

If you want to make the autodeko of the wedding itself, you should definitely read our tips below, so that nothing goes wrong.

Forms and styles of Autodeko

Depending on which wedding car you choose, you should adjust the Autodeko to the style of the car.For a classic car is rather classic, with a wedding limo it can be a bit more luxurious and also extravagant.

For special cars or even a wedding coaster you should arrange the autodeco accordingly.

In such cases one is usually ill-advised with a single arrangement.A distributed Autodeko is much more elegant in such a case.This is especially true of a carriage.

Inspiration for Autodeko style and forms can be found in our large picture gallery at TOP-MEDICAL-SCHOOLS.ORG.

For the wedding, the heart shape is very popular as an autodeco.You can find examples of this in our article “Autoschmuck for the wedding in heart shape”..

The flowers are very short, so that the shape is particularly good.The flat plug connections has a further advantage, which will be explained later.

No matter what form you choose, if you have a rented bridal car, make sure before the order of the Autodeko, which type of fastening is allowed.

Attaching the Autodeko at the wedding

There are basically two ways to attach the car decoration to the car (usually on the bonnet).The first is a suction cup, the second is a flat, wide magnet.As with everything, both forms have their advantages and disadvantages.

The suction cup

The suction cup is the first choice for most florists when it comes to attaching the autodeco.This is a powerful suction cup, in which the air between the attachment and the hood is usually withdrawn by simultaneously pulling two rods.The car jewelery now stops by the vacuum created in the car.

The disadvantage of this is that in this way the attachment has to be made really carefully, so that this really lifts.For very uneven surfaces, the suction cup is not suitable for the wedding.There are also problems with waxed cars.

The magnet

The magnet is much easier to attach.The big drawback is that the magnet also likes to scratch the car.With modern bodies, which have a high aluminum content, it can also happen that the magnet does not hold.

Just because of the risk that the Autodeko scratched the car, many landlords prohibit the use of magnets.

But no matter what method you choose, the most important thing is that the Autodeko does not hinder the view of the driver!

The basic rule is: the higher and bigger the wedding ceremony, the slower you should drive, so that the flowers do not fall from the car.

An autodeco is more than just flowers

From the USA comes the trend to use more or exclusively different decoration at the wedding. The “Just Married” lettering or the cans, which are connected to the rear of the car, are particularly well-known.

Of course, you can also attach other Autodeko, such as flags (cheap at Amazon ), as well as individual letterings and golden decorations on the car.So everyone can meet their own taste and still has a nice memory of the trip to the wedding location.

Highlight for the Autokolonne: Beautiful personalized wedding flags with your name and the wedding date can be found at (ab 5,99 €).

Autodeko for the wedding itself

If you want to save money at the wedding at the Autodeko, we recommend you to refrain from flowers and instead choose alternative decorative items that were mentioned in the last section or make car loops themselves.

If you do not have any experience with flowers and car jewelery, you may experience unforeseen problems. Then leave this part to a specialist or a wedding guest who is more familiar with it.