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Wedding column-Fanny and Daniel have taken the first step towards a common future and report on of their wedding. Today: Who has the choice, the spoilt! Especially when it comes to a new last name. As Fanny has held, read here

What name should we choose?

Everyone knows the stereotype of the love-struck teenage girl that ever tests what would be his signature with the last name of his large swarm. In case of necessity, one should be finally prepared and skilled. I myself got me actually always far removed from such clichés. Actually. As at the latest since my last column know, I was thus something of wrong.

I admit: I-sit in anticipation on my upcoming wedding with heart in the eyes at the table as a successful young woman – and practice my new signature! And I think it’s not even silly. Luckily, I have a concrete basis for my doing unlike the ravings of love-struck teenagers. I will marry and take to my future husband’s last name. And the decision was surprisingly not hard me.

Basically I am very quickly the topic “Surname”. I don’t think that it is still up to date, to speak of Stammhaltern and name heirs. Allowed, it should be what you like. Maybe it’s my worldview. Women can achieve just as much as men and old traditions should not be adopted without questioning them. Why should the surname of the man be more value than the woman?

My family sees that quite as well as I. Since then, the name was chosen already often simply, who liked the bride and groom better-irrespectively of gender roles. I wanted to do this also.

As “Fanny Engelsmann” I was always unmistakable.

Honestly, I must admit but I always secretly thought that there will be no name anyway, might like me better than my own birth name. Angel man. Sounds nice! Is rare and harmonises well with my short first name, which is ebsonso rare. As “Fanny Engelsmann” I was always unmistakable. Difficult to find someone whose Nachnahme fits me better than my own.

Amazingly, but that when Daniel and me occurred. Daniel’s last name is “Remus”. How cool! I was immediately excited when I had heard his name. Not just because a character in “Harry Potter” is said. But at that time I didn’t I do of course in the remotest thought, that I would even maybe even bear the name of Remus…

When Daniel and I were engaged, we thought actively about, what last name we want. Was clear to us that we wanted to have a common name and it was also clear that Daniel would like to keep his last name. He is the only biological child of his father and therefore would not leave this name.

The prospect of a “Fanny Remus ‘, gives me great pleasure. And there is another reason why we have chosen for Daniel’s last name: I could no longer get to know Daniel’s dad. I want to keep his memory with the adoption of his name in our life and honor. Our future children are carry always a part of her grandfather’s at in this way, you can experience no longer as Grandpa.

Isn’t the choice of surname so a question of emancipation or the political picture of the world. Everyone has his own personal reasons and it is better that all possibilities (of the man’s name, name of the woman, double-barreled, retains his name everyone) are possible in Germany. And with a common name I feel Daniel even more connected.

Of course, one must not marry to feel such things. It needs no marriage certificate not a marriage, to see themselves as a family, two people feel really connected. I will tell why I dreamt yet always of a wedding and now enthusiastically said “Yes”, you in my next column.

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