Alternative Groom Looks: Anything But Classic

Even the groom walks stylishly and original in front of the Traualtar in 2015 and shows with unusual wedding outfits that he has to marry anything but classic! We show the best alternatives to the traditional groom’s suit.

The vintage trend in terms of wedding and the tendency to casual festivals beyond conventional requirements do not stop even before the groom! and Zankyou, the wedding magazine, explain how man is cleaning out 2015 for the big day:

A groom in cloth pants and linen shoes

In the current wedding season, the bridegroom does not come in the classic black suit!The modern man prefers to wear casual vintage clothings and original jackets or tuxedos. Here at stylishtacoma you can get more different models of the wedding fashion. Bright colors ranging from white to pastel shades play just as great a role as casual fabric or linen shoes.Yes, in 2015, the bridegroom is brave and with summery wedding looks in the elegant style for unforgettable eyecatchers!

The groom’s accessory is important

This year, the groom will also be putting on original wedding accessories, such as personalized cufflinks for the wedding ceremony.A fashion accessory with message so to speak.From “Yes, I want” to the initials of the bride and groom or the wedding date everything is possible and the creativity is unlimited.A trendy alternative to the classic variation and a wonderful reminder of the wedding.

With a fly instead of a tie to the wedding

The classic tie is more and more the original fly! Especially at weddings men like to take the opportunity to try out a new look with a colored fly and thus to set top fashion accents.If you want to put it on another, you can combine a pair of wedding dresses – an individual groom’s style for those who want to be different.

A bridegroom breaking the rules

Fact is: style break is “in”! So also in terms of wedding look. So try to break your festive style with casual accessories without losing the glamor. How about stylish linen shoes instead of the elegant lacquer shoes. Perfect for the modern summer wedding and as a groom you will not only look fashionable, but also cool!