Accessories to Show Off This Summer 2010

In summer we usually wear many more accessories than in winter, since we can show them while clog us our garments. Think on things cheerful, bright and flashy colors. Different firms propose rings, bracelets, watches… are the jewels of summer 2010.

Swarovski rejuvenate with this collection of colors calledTiVos. Ring Nirvana, one of the signature icon, was reborn with a variation: Nirvana Flash ring in different colors that provide a very sophisticated juvenile curfew.

Among the sporty elegance and glamorous fun, signature also offers bracelets Luminous, other summer accessory. They are available in two versions: Golf, comes in four colors set with crystals, tone on tone. And the second, with the message of Love Crystal in a bright pink or Yellow Rubber Bracelet.

Bangles they are a must in summer. Can wear it in all our glory and b & g It offers us this simple design, very combinable with all kinds of looks.

The Danish firm Evita Peroni, It proposes a variety of full of glamour and elegance accessories: brooches Crystal bracelets Pearly or with pearls and earrings in the shape of butterfly.

We can not forget of the Headbands with details of flowers or feathers, fashionable this summer and to look at any time of the day, does not have be a wedding.

The colors champagne, Pearl Grey, Pearl, pink suit and sand, are the tones of this summer, all them elegant and ideal for romantic looks and sexy at the same time.

Watches It is best to wear them in light colours. My favorite is white because it combines with everything. But if you’re a great lover of clocks you can wear them in various colors, bright or muted, but away from the brown or black. Lacoste proposes this model with steel links and filled with crystals bezel.