Accessories For the Groom: Tie Or Bow Tie?

One of our good intentions for 2017 is: attend more to the men. So, what you now think: “Honey, I have cooked your favorite pasta for friends!” “Honey, can I have to massage you neck?” “Honey, let me but the IKEA shelf together rooms, you go watch even better football.”

Also very good would arrive. But we concentrate today prefer the men’s accessories. Because we find: ties, flying, braces & co. can completely change a look and make a stylish eye-catching outfit of the simplest suit. In other words: sometimes just a few selected accessories are between insurance agents and hipster groom!

Hard announced at the moment in the men’s braces are. We find by the way absolutely great! Looks like same tightened when the men may (finally) eventually throw off jackets and the loose part of the evening begins. Elegant, chic and casual at the same time – this men’s accessory Gets the full number of points from us. Best combination partners: the fly. However they call now “Bow Tie”. Have we heard.

An absolute classic that is above any trend: the tie. For the wedding, it may be because something special. Ties with logo – initials and wedding date, would quite discreetly embroidered on the back – but a nice gift idea for the loved ones? His boys get one also equal to everyone, of course color-coordinated. Wonderful on the wedding photos and is a beautiful reminder!

Who thats classic lead on : there are also trendy ties. Yes, but! Solid color knit ties, we find quite hip, not a bit stuffy and absolutely wearable for “after the wedding”. Fit perfectly to the concept of barn wedding and – because of pure wool – top sustainability!

So, men. About posh grooms with the extra we pleased as well as about beautiful wedding dresses style. And it is of course the same thing: dressing up is stupid. Personal taste must be reflected in please be sure and is regardless of whether it concerns the tightening guide – the very best or to the accessories.

If you are looking for ties or bow ties for the perfect outfit for your loved ones – here you might be looking for:! Usually, the bride is the personal styling Assistant for the groom anyway. Or?