8 Stunning Gold and Silver Jewelery Options for Brides

That every bride should feel like a princess that we already know … Gold and silver jewelery give this power to the woman and are available in various models that help complement any look of the category with great taste.

Since the engagement ring has become the main symbol of a more mature relationship, jewelry has begun to gain space in the bridal world as a way of expressing a kind of “royalty” and satisfaction in the act of marrying.

The jewels represent the noble feelings between two people then, why not caprichar and enrich the production for one of the happiest and most important days of life?

The options besides dazzling are very varied and enthralling to create a neat production and excellent taste. Let us now look at ten models capable of making any bride feel a true princess:

1 – Earrings In Gold And Pearls

This charming earring in 18K yellow gold with curls that add 22 pearls is from Vivara. Here at Inkomtrends you can get more different models of the pearls items. The differentiated design that speaks for itself shows all the delicacy of the small details that will complete the look in a subtle and sensible way. The matte finish on the top is ideal for brides who are more discreet though, who do not give up showing true taste.

2 – Ring In Yellow Gold

For more traditional tastes, the shower-type ring remains high and dispenses with no further comments. This model in yellow gold is from the jewelry store Ivan Joias da Bahia and features 18 K bright for who really wants to shine with class. This jewelry is valued at 14,000 reais and the success of this model is so great that it is not currently available in stock.

3 – Choker

This Indian Ruby Heart Choker is crafted in 18K gold and is perfect for giving the special and distinctive look in the discreet but sophisticated brides look. One suggestion is to combine the color of the pendant with the color of the bouquet … The model is from Miss Joias de São Paulo.

4- White Gold Tiara With Diamonds

The tiaras can not miss and are also part of the portfolio of noble metals that complement the look of the brides. This model is from Emar Battle and was made in white gold with diamonds.

The medieval traits give greater charm and exclusivity in the piece that are able to meet the most demanding public who opts for extravagance and originality.

5- Gold Tiara

This second tiara model is also from Emar Battle. Made in yellow gold, the model makes the style simple and objective. Although the last two models were launched two years ago by the brand, both are reference current trends as they are among the most sought after.

6- Rose Gold Ring

For brides who like to enjoy the unusual jewelry and get away from the common habits, this proposal of rose gold ring with diamonds is perfect! Just like the white gold rose gold has been falling in the taste of many brides for being a differentiated and elegant piece that gains more and more modern and bold design. Besides all these attributes the rose also manages to convey serenity and good taste. Jewelry for sale on Shop Buy .

7 – Earrings In Silver

Since silver is the second most sought after metal by brides, earrings also offer fashionable options for the occasion. The round models are one of the favorites and can be used in future occasions due to the currentness of the model.

The silver blends perfectly with satin fabrics and white hair accessories if the bride does not want to unify the tone of the details. This model is from Laffetto.

8 – Bracelets

To conclude, let’s look at three models of bracelets that are one of the most bridal accessories. We can agree that it is one of the most attention-grabbing accessories among all the jewels used on the day of the ceremony because it truly stands out with each movement accompanying the rhythm of the hands.

Both models we choose are made in silver and are among the most sought after by their manufacturers:

It is worth remembering that gold and silver jewelry can be found in several price and variety options. An early search is always welcome and can represent up to 40% savings, a significant percentage that can be used (for example) on the honeymoon with Prince Charming!