8 Simple Steps to Help You Throw an AWESOME Engagement Party

Good morning Divas!

Today’s post was made for a very special young bride (kisses for Cris!) you asked for tips for planning a party or an engagement dinner. So … upon request, today we’ll talk about the first step: pre-wedding engagement party!

Currently, the engagement has lost a little of its real meaning and many young brides resolve to skip this stage.

Ahh Dave, but the engagement is so boring, useless, so why worry about that?

Well … personally, I like to follow procedures. Dating, engagement and wedding. I was engaged for almost 2 years, that was the time it took us to buy and decorate the apartment, prepare the wedding, the honeymoon …. Anyway, to get everything “in place” as we wanted!

Many couples decide to throw a sophisticated engagement party, others prefer to do a more intimate celebration. In my case, my husband and my mom organized a surprise dinner  n my house with relatives and closest friends.

There is no exact road map to be followed in the engagement party, but if you’re totally lost, I have listed some steps that, to me, can not be missed:

Cocktail Party

  1. The first would be the “entry”, which can be a table of Japanese food, cold cuts, pastries. Everything depends on the preference of the couple)
  2. Arrival of the bride and groom and greetings (The parents of the bride and groom must receive guests, and shortly after the entry of the bride and groom, greetings are made)
  3. Lunch or dinner (many couples prefer to do a themed pub type of engagement, Mexican, Hawaiian … Anyway, here is the “main dish” to the taste of the guests and especially to the taste of the couple. It can be barbecue, a dinner of pasta, shrimp in squash, filet mignon to the gravy, all-you-can-eat pizza …. Here the menu is the choice of the customer!)
  4. Groom’s speech and REQUEST (this is the apex of the engagement, the moment everyone expects, when the groom makes that statement that leaves everyone with tears in the eyes and makes the claim which, for me, HAS to BE on HIS KNEES, YEAHHH! I think it’s handsome and it is the only time in our lives when men kneel for us, so DO NOT SKIP it!
  5. Prayer (This is the time to thank God for all the graces in our lives and ask him to light the life of the couple always!)
  6. Toast and cut the cake (After the formalities, it’s time to serve sparkling wine, toast and cut the cake)
  7. Dessert (At my engagement dinner, the dessert was cake that was served with ice cream, candy and chocolates which always help in decorating!)
  8. Invitations and souvenirs (Yes! Before the engagement party it is nice to give a little something to guests. If you have already marked the date of the wedding, a nice and inexpensive idea is the “Save The Date”, but if you have not yet decided the date and want to save money, make something to eat as a happily married, a honey bun or a homemade candy. These are cheap gratuities, easy to make and that, surely, will please everyone.)

For an intimate party, a moment of fraternization and conversation, as a rule, make no joke-like bridal shower in the engagement, but nothing prevents you from you think of something to entertain guests.

To assist in the décor (my favorite part!), I have left some super ideas easy to be adapted in the best style “do it yourself” to inspire our young brides on duty:

P.S.: If you are invited to an engagement party and want to give a gift, it is advisable to bring outfit pieces or kitchenware to the new home of the couple, but it is very rude for bride and groom to forward engagement gift suggestion, let it be for the teas and for the wedding!

I hope you enjoy each stage of the preparation, and remember: the most important thing is not the party itself, but rather to gather family and friends, announce this new phase, say a prayer for God to bless the couple and, above all, be happy!

And then divas … are you excited to get married?

I want to get married again!