8 Rules For Choosing Your Bridal Shoes

Although they are not in sight in the same way that your wedding dress or your hair, they are a very important detail of your wardrobe. You say you need to know before choosing your pair.

1 Soften Your Tread

Avoid calluses and burning using templates for cushioning and calm the pressure points that are generated when walking or standing. They are exclusive designs to wear high heels or sandals, they have a pad on the metatarsals and slim heel support, so you will not notice. Use them, so you are an expert in issues of height.

2 Tame Them

Not ever release on your wedding day, run the risk that the shoes hurt you or even cause you an injury, so ve domesticating them and use them before your link.

3 Xxl

If your ankles or calves are thick prevents shoe with strap, as they widened them. It seeks to put shoes with open heel. Say goodbye to square tips or shoes with thin and fine details.

4 Petite

Petite women should choose pointy shoes and forget the round or square. They should not exaggerate with the heel, because they will look unbalanced and will damage your spine. Si eres bajita you not despise low shoes, just be sure that it carried a small heel to Stylize your legs.

5. What Big Feet?

It is preferable to look round or square-tipped shoes for large feet, avoids the sharp and get rid of apps on the front.

6 Match & Match

No matter what design you decide to dress before the wedding make you a good pedicure and perfectly moisturises the area; do not overdo with the knife or polishing hard to not raise awareness over the soles of the feet. Select the same tone that you will take the nails of the hands for not desatinar with the toes.

7 Effect Cinderella

Not ever take off your shoes at the party, because you can have swollen feet and you will not enter. If it happens, dip your feet in cold water or keep them a few minutes on high and keep on hand a pair of thin socks to wear.

8 White Back… Back Blue

What so daring are you? You can marry a white, settle on a pink bat or play tones with silver or gold, but to give it dynamism and go beyond, use a pair of heels in fluorescent pink or bright red.

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