7 Unique Bridesmaid Dresses

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There are new trends in bridesmaid dresses

Finally, you need not fear the bridesmaid dress! Many a bridesmaid is between contentedly been stopped in a short satin bridesmaid dress. More often than not in a color which mostly matched any better for pompons and invitations, than to the poor wedding girl’s hair or complexion. It can of course still not later with the new bridesmaid dress trend. Wedding trend for 2015 is all about individuality and personal expression. Just look here, what it means for bridesmaid dresses:

Patterned prom dresses

You must keep Salt & Pepper wedding with black and white color theme? Is your theme striped or dotted? Transfer the idea for your Bridal girl’s dresses and choose a pattern rather than a solid color elegant wide stripes or naughty dots:

Floral bridesmaid dresses

Here is a cute idea for a spring or summer wedding. Select different beautiful airy floral bridesmaid dresses in delicate shades. I think it gives a really dear and feminine look:

Beads or sequins on bridesmaid dresses

Surround yourself in your beautiful white with sparkling beautiful bridesmaids in beads or sequins. Super delicious wedding of Gatsby or 20s atmosphere and beautiful examples of beautiful bridesmaid dresses are here when one does not have a distinctive color theme.

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Bridesmaid dresses in beads or sequins

The same color in different ways

This idea can be expressed in any color, rather than fully colored dresses, reproduces each bridesmaid dress theme color on either way. I love how the bridesmaids here get their own personal expression, even if they are dressed in the same color.

Bridesmaid dresses in shades

Here is 2015’s trend with individuality and beautifully executed. Not only is the fabric and cut differently, but bridesmaid coolers colors is a delicious palette of different “nude” shades, rather than the same one color or shade. The same bridesmaid flowers holds together on the style and leaves no doubt about whom the bridesmaids are.

Be brave: Mix it up!

This stuff is cool and courageous and really successful! Beautiful wedding girls can use again beautiful dresses as the warranty at a party. The theme is earth tones, and the dresses are all done differently. However, note that the earth color palette is limited to 4 colors/shades, which is why the idea holder and it does not become messy. Each dress has 2 colors and the common palette binds the group together.