5 Tips to Rock the Look

I know many readers ask me tips for wedding look, after all, not everyone is engaged or godmother who now know exactly what to wear, right? Hahaha! So today’s post is a compiled with 5 basic tips that apply to the look of marriage at any time, place and time of year, come with me to rock!

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1-Prepare for any occasion!
You know that wedding in the field during the day that you go with a dress fluid? Take a scarf if the party finish late and the weather gets cold. You know that dress with mega cleavage that you swear you won’t dance not to nip? Bet on double sided tape not to have error and be able to have fun! Don’t forget also to take band-aids to if the shoe press and clamps to hold the hair.

2-Choose the right shoes!
Looks like I’m going to talk about the fashion shoe here, but I’m actually talking about comfort! Nothing more beautiful than a woman with confident and firm after 5:00 dancing at the party! So, nothing to choose that sandal MA-RA-VI-LHO-SA and young that will end with you on the first song.

3-pay attention to the Trim of the dress!
No matter how beautiful is the dress if you don’t dress well, so not buy this model. After all, a dress for a wedding look is usually not cheap and we usually use other times it pays to bet on a good model fit for any occasion!

4–Accessorize the Look!
Yes! Choose the perfect clutch to match the dress, but don’t make it the centerpiece of the look, after all, is the first that will be on the table. Bet on a beautiful necklace, earrings or other jewelry–choose what makes you feel more comfortable. Don’t forget also that it is always nice to do an update on the dress, wear a belt with precious stones or metal can be a good outlet to renew the look and stay super stylish.

5–less is more!
The maximum of the fashion world still stands, even in our world of hype, remember that you are a guest. It’s not the star of the evening! Then, choose a wedding look is beautiful, show your personality, but when in doubt, don’t overdo it! Always follow the dresscode invitation especially to black tie parties.

At the end of the day, enjoy!

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