5 Tips on Choosing the Perfect Shirt

When choosing the shirt it should keep in mind that depending on the firm or the same manufacturer, our size can be different, since the pattern of each one is also.


If the shirt that you want to choose for wedding, Godfather, or ceremony, no doubt, you will have to pay special attention to not make mistakes with the sizing. For this, we have the best professionals who will advise you during the whole process of choice for the perfect outfit.

5 key factors

Key is when hitting with the proper shirt look at the little details. So in this article we offer some Tips that will help you make a difference.

The neck of the shirt

  1. The most important thing is that the collar you do not press. A trick to meet it is to try to insert your finger between neck and shirt once it is completely fastened.
  2. The second thing you have to try is to turn the head and see if the neck of the shirt also turns in the same direction. If it does not, the neck of the shirt you have perfect, being a signal that you are testing you the perfect size.

Look up to where you get the fist shirt

  • For this you have drop arms and check that the cuff of the shirt covers you wrist and just right where your hand begins. If you exceed that line, the shirt you need is one size smaller, and if the opposite occurs, you need a (s) size (s) more.
  • In addition you will have to look that is not too tight. Pruebatela wearing a watch so that you can get an idea.

How should the sleeve?

They should definitely not be nor too wide, or too narrow. A wide sleeve will accommodate a fit, but if you choose a too narrow, to choose it will have no solution.

What is the perfect length?

Or too long, or too short. Although the first choice solution, the long ideal it is that which makes the shirt out of pants.

Try to make some moves, rotating waist to check it out, flexing you forward or by placing the hands behind the head. If the shirt you will need some more size.

Look at your collarbone and check that the seam remains exactly in the middle.

If so it is your size, otherwise and If you see wrinkles, you will need another model of shirts that fit.

Following these 5 tips you will get to choose the shirt with a good criterion.

However sometimes it may not be the size problem and yes the shirt in question model. If you notice that a change of sizes does not solve the problem, test with another type of shirt or different signs.

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