5 Infallible Make-Up Tricks in Wedding, Perfect Eyebrows

The color of the skin, the eyes and the hair influences a lot in the choice of makeup. Certain tones look better with certain types of skin.

Whether you have brown or black hair, fair skin and brown eyes there are very effective and simple ways to enhance your beauty. Check out below 5 infallible makeup tips for brunettes:

1 – Caring For The Frame Of Your Face

Well-made eyebrows enhance any makeup. If you’ve never done your eyebrows before, resist the temptation to take a pair of tweezers and get your hair pulled out. There is a whole science behind perfect eyebrows.

Do a search and look for an eyebrow designer. You can see the work of these artists on social networks and, contrary to what seems like it, prices can be exorbitant, but there are great professionals who charge a fair price for their work.

The difference in making a visit to an eyebrow designer is that he knows exactly the right measurements according to each face, where the right angles should be and how much they can draw from your eyebrows. Also, on your big day, the makeup artist will highlight this design and you’ll see that it will make all the difference.

2 – Bases And Correctives

The skin of the light brunette undergoes changes of tone depending on the time of year. This is normal and occurs with all of us, but for the bride it takes a little more attention on that item.

You should take into account if you are tanned, if you have lighter skin than usual (which happens in winter, for example), if for some reason your skin is stained, peeling or parched as a result of pollution influences and dryness of the climate.

Do not do the makeup test long before the big day, because the tone of your skin may change and, on the day, what seemed perfect in the test, can turn into a disaster.

Along with your makeup artist, choose correctives and bases that are compatible with your skin tone. Try to note if there is a difference between the tone of the skin on your face and your lap. Especially in case your dress is of the fall-down model, it is essential that the tone be similar, as it is very unpleasant to see in the photos and in the video with the very pale face and the neck and shoulders in another tone.

Well-made skin is the foundation for any makeup to look flawless. See examples of different skin tones and how the skin of the faces harmonize with the skin of the laps.

3 – Colors For Brunettes

The best colors for blush are brick, coral, light peach and light pink. The neutral tones of beige and brown are also indicated if you want a cleaner make.

Color palettes feature several shades of the same color. A good tip is to mix the tones, because if you think your makeup artist has overdone or missed the hand, you can come to a consensus by mixing colors. Another tip is to use the blush as shade.

Here are some suggestions:

4 – The Eyes

Golden, beige, brown and pink are best suited to make the beauty of your eyes stand out. You can also use light peach, and, the favorite colors of celebrities, lilac and very light blue. The mask should be black and waterproof and a thin layer of eyeliner to mark the eyes is a good request. Here are some makeup suggestions for brunettes:

5 – Mouth

The red lipstick is a classic and it looks great with light brown skin, but beware of excess. The use of red lipstick calls for a more basic eye.

If you prefer to use a different shade of lipstick, go from pink nudes, and brown more drawn to orange.

Our suggestions:


The video below shows the step by step of a beautiful makeup for a brunette bride, check out: