13 Brands to Dress Your Bridesmaids and Pageboys

Suri Cruise, Romeo Beckham, North West… Celebrity children have the perfect argument signatures of children’s clothing to carry the mores of the fashion industry to the universe of small.

Ultimately, not enough to be fashion conscious for yourself and your future spouse, you have also be for those little people who will accompany you on the big day and that melt of tenderness with their looks to the guests. Here you say what are the cool brands for the bridesmaids and pageboys at your wedding.

13 Brands to Dress Your Bridesmaids and Pageboys 1

1 Alviero Martini

With the recognizable style around the world of the iconic map Geo, child this signature line is hand-designed in Italy and breathes authenticity, beauty and good taste, features that add to the contemporary spirit of the brand.

2 Aristocrat Kids

This firm understands that true luxury is in the details. As outputs of a story-think of fairies, princesses and animals happy-, your wonderful clothes are made entirely by hand with high quality materials: silk, wool, cashmere and others.

3 Bhdln

Bridal sister of Anthropologie, which offers affordable wedding dresses-recently launched a collaboration with Marchesa whose prices are around $100 to $200 dollars–also has a children’s line for bridesmaids. The colour palette is usually clear-white, beige, grey, rosewood-and their designs are characterized by having long tulle.

4 Rue

The Creative Director of the firm, Christine Innamorato, artistically collaborated with Cacharel for 8 years. She has managed the romantic and Bohemian vein of this delicate brand to remain intact even 40 years after its formation.

13 Brands to Dress Your Bridesmaids and Pageboys 2

5 David Charles

Founded in 1970, the prestigious London House was a pioneer in translating designs of women into irresistible models for children from 2 to 16 years. Currently, it continues to produce small dresses – traditional spirit and less trendy than other firms in this list-ideal for special occasions.

6 DG

Considered select Member of fashion royalty, the famous brand DG (Want to know what does DG stand for? Click abbreviationfinder.org) has consistently maintained its Mediterranean roots, bringing the heat of the passion of the Italian traditions of tailoring and clothing, even when working in mini format.

Prints colorful, velvet, and dream-Diadems, brooches, hair, accessories bags and zapatos-joya-adorn the children’s line of Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana.

7 H & M

The Swedish fast fashion Queen has its own child Department, led by Pernilla Wohlfahrt, that all moms have declared themselves devotees by their clothes and accessories trendy at minimum prices. It should be special mention to the collection Studio, that advocates a more luxurious design-just a little more expensive than the normal-and only reaching some selected stores.

8 Marie Chantal

The firm founded by the spouse of Greece Pablo already is distributed in 30 countries around the world. Traditional silhouettes with a modern twist and the aristocratic and sophisticated stamp which prints the own Marie Chantal Miller, who does not personally designed, but is very present in the London studio where he works his creative team.

13 Brands to Dress Your Bridesmaids and Pageboys 3

9 Monnalisa Chic

This firm combines excellence and the pursuit of beauty with the celebration of the best of the Made in Italy. Among its seven lines for different occasions and ages, stand out Monnalisa Chic-elegant, romantic and sophisticated-and Monnalisa Couture-Haute Couture in miniature-designs, ideal for the most refined occasions.

10 Tutu Dumond

Designs cool, dusty tones and vintage – inspired by the French dancers – air identify this signature showing that a Disney costume is not necessary to make a girl feel like a real Princess. Since their tutus logo to the occasional collections capsule-like this, making reminiscence to the lost boys, Peter Pan-you will always find the perfect outfit for your bridesmaids, including headdresses, jewellery and pointes game.

11 Quis Quis

A brand of children’s fashion that may not follow the trends of the moment because it obeys to the vision of an artist, Stefano Cavalleri, transforming dreams into garments capable of telling stories of silk, organza, tulle, as flimsy as dance and as iconographic as Renaissance painting.

12 Simonetta

Fun prints, exquisite colors, jacquard, tartan, velvet, soft wool and organza conspire with large volumes, shapes and cuts flared to create a bright and shiny world where it is impossible to not smile.

13 Mischka Aoki

Suitable for minice brides, this Australian firm has redefined the term Haute Couture for girls.From its unique design, his extraordinary manual work and his attention to detail, each of their garments is a work of art. Of course, designs-usually loaded with tulle and rhinestones-can be entrusted to the extent either, be purchased online or at the most luxurious department stores in the world. It also has styling service to help small to build your look.