10 Wedding Rings Models

Beyond the wedding dress, decoration, music, and a list of preparations, one can not forget the main symbol of marriage: the alliance.

The wedding ring is an item that will accompany the couple for the rest of their lives, and when it comes to choosing jewelry, you need to have patience and good taste.

The wedding ring that carries the commitment is also the bride and groom pact. In this way, when choosing the model, the couple is faced with several items, whether with wedding rings of matte model, with different tones, or even with the most classic models.

Before choosing any model you need to know that the item will reflect the personality of the couple and mainly needs to be comfortable and of good quality.

To facilitate in the process of choosing, we separate the main trends in the market, check the list and choose what most matches the couple.

1 – Models Of Wedding Rings With Docking

For grooms who do not like traditional wedding rings, however, they like models that mix colors with diamonds, models with inserts can be a good choice as they have interesting details. In this question it is possible to find models that interlace in full or that have only one point of engagement.

2 – Models Of Wedding Rings With Diamonds

In this model it is possible to find rings with small points of light, or all of them studded along the length of the ring. This style gives an appearance of modernity in an extremely classic item.

For men who do not want to have diamonds on their fingers, no problem, an alternative to leaving the ring with the same appearance of the other without the diamonds is to choose models that have lines, finishes and even color equal, so it is possible to form the pair.

3 – Models Of Wedding Rings With Two Or Three Shades

There are some women who like a tone, however, the future husband prefers the classic yellow gold. To solve this impasse, simply mix the tones.

Currently the mix of tones has become a trend, in addition, it is possible to innovate the piece, so it is possible to have models with or without diamonds, with matte or polished or indy finish with models of different colors.

4 – Models Of Wedding Rings Worked

The wedding ring can also have phrases, words or can still present reliefs or different forms, so it is possible to differentiate the alliance without losing the identity. One tip is to start one sentence in one alliance and end up in another.

5 – Models Of Smooth Wedding Rings

The model is classic, but to give a different touch it is possible to choose the ring in yellow or pink gold, matte, with straight lines or not, giving a contemporary or classic look. Another alternative is to use alliance dressers along with alliance.

6 – Digital Alliance

With the carbon paper just grab the couple’s finger and collect the digital one and pass it to the gold ring. In this way, the bride or groom carries the brand of their partner in their alliance.

7 – Steel Alliance

This style can be quite different, however, the grooms can innovate and use the steel ring with yellow gold and apply some details.

8 – Models Of Wedding Rings In White Gold

Although not common, there are couples who prefer this tone, so an alternative is to put stones or diamonds studded.

9 – Sports Couple Alliance

It is important that the alliance follow the style of the couple, so for the more sporty an idea is the models with finer and rounder pieces.

10 – Alliances 18 K Colorful

This style is inspired in the 80’s, when at that time it was common to use three rings: ruby, sapphire and emerald.