10 Wedding Items that Never Go out of Style

The wedding is full of significant elements: the wedding dress, the bouquet, the nuptial march and the souvenirs, for example. In this scenario, over time, we realize that there are immutable details reproduced for generations. These items represent the history of marriages and, as a result, characterize the event.

In parallel, the innovations in the celebration are always welcome, because they contribute a lot to the celebration have freshness and personality. However, beware: sometimes, notices get too excited about trends. And, in that way, they can elaborate a marriage totally decharacterized. Therefore, in this context, the ideal is to create a harmonic composition combining the new with the traditional one in order to carry out a celebration with identity, style and referential.

For this reason, we reinforce the importance of some components. So, now, let’s introduce 10 things that never go out of style for a wedding party. Regardless of the format you choose, having the list below is pretty much a rule. That said, let’s move on!

1 – Well-Married

The well-married is a famous candy in a wedding. To have a notion, in some wedding parties, is the very souvenir of the link. In addition, it represents very well the idea of ​​union by its form and name. Certainly, it is a strong and traditional symbol for the occasion.

sophisticated wedding candy

2 – Photo Album

Registering special dates is key to keeping good memories. However, in the case of a wedding party, this is mandatory. After all, your big day will only happen once and will mark a major transformation in your life. So the photo album can not miss!

wedding photo album

3 – Wedding Website Of The Bride And Groom

Despite being a new feature, the wedding site has come to stay. The channel collaborates a lot to communicate with the guests, both for practical information and to show details of the ceremony. Then, yes, do yours! By the way, we recommend out site there you can create your FREE website and enjoy many advantages. Create your free website here!

4 – Wedding Dress With Lace

By itself, the wedding dress is already an icon for any wedding. And with the lace, the piece becomes even more expressive. That being so, choosing a model with such quirks is the perfect way to be a classic bride. Invest in this idea!

5 – Dance Of The Bride And Groom

The bride and groom dance is a beautiful and solemn moment in order to celebrate the marriage of the couple. As they dance, husband and wife signal that, from that moment, they will walk together in life. Therefore, this is a step that should not be left out of your wedding party. See here 7 contagious rhythms for your bride and groom dancing.

6 – Edible Flakes

Edible souvenirs are great suggestions for the pampering of the event. As we have already quoted in this text, the well-married is a well-known example of this. But currently, it is common to invest in pot roasters, jellies, and brownies. Of course, these types of souvenirs will brighten all your guests.

7 – Playing The Bouquet

The play of the bouquet is an indispensable ritual in any wedding. In addition to being super old and full of relevant meanings, it is a way to wish good luck to single friends. In short, it is one of those wedding things that give charm to the celebration.

8 – Bridal March

The wedding march is almost synonymous with wedding celebration. Upon hearing this beautiful hymn of love, we associate its melody immediately with a marriage, the entrance of the bride or even the dance of the bride and groom. So opting to include this song in your playlist is a very wise decision to set the tone for the celebration.

9 – Tablecloths And Pages

The beauty of the bride’s entrance is related to the ceremonial, of which the little girls and the pages are part. In this circumstance, children add innocence, purity and grace to the occasion. Because of this, it is they who take the rings to the altar and end the parade with the bride. That is: this dupline is vital to your marriage.

10 – Decoration With Natural Flowers

It’s pretty much a rule: flowers are part of every wedding party decoration. On the tables, in the church or in the party space, this component contributes to making your big day look beautiful and special. Natural ones are recommended. This is because the vitality, aroma and colors of these plants will be crucial to make up the romantic atmosphere in your link.