10 Improvements 2013 Weddings

2013 has been a year full of weddings, a year full of wedding gowns to analyze and a host of guests who did not pass unnoticed. Reaches the end of the year and plays take stock of which have been the 10 best wedding You have had this year and that somehow we have been spectators of the same. 10 very different weddings in which the only thing that matches is the white color of the dress.

10 Yessica Ramírez and Alejandro Talavante

Despite the pretty figure of Yessica, women of the torero Alejandro Talavante, the dress was too low-cut and pretty impressed leaving Alejandro in the background. Yet it is in the last position of our ranking.

9 Tatiana Santo Domingo and Andrea Casiraghi

Royal Weddings are one of my favorites, but in this case all the magic that has the royalty in these events was gone. The Missoni Tatiana was nice, but too hippy for a wedding of the Grimaldi House.

8 Veronica Guiterrez and Miguel Ángel Perera

Other taurine wedding and this with much more flamenco flair. The bride chose this pretty dress Vicky Martín Berrocal. To my I particularly like much Vicky but her dresses are too marked by what the eighth position in the ranking I believe that it is the correct.

7 Lourdes Montes and Francisco Rivera

The Sevillian couple gave a exclusive to the magazine Hello! with all the wedding photos so no we can offer you that image. The truth that the design created by it was very simple but particularly liked my idea.

6 rosa Clara and Josep Artigas

What design choose a designer wedding dresses for your wedding? This is the eternal question that Rosa Clara It is hozó for a long time. I believe that at the end it was right with a beauty of a white long-sleeved and spectacular metallic embroidery dress.

5 Christina Ricci and James Heerdegen

The secret wedding of Christina Ricci We were surprised everyone but thanks to Instagram we could see this marvel of dress with a few simple openings in the area of the male with which Christina shone on a special day.

4 Millie Mackintosh and Professor Green

The actress let us also on his twitter this spectacular photo of your wedding with Professor Green with a dress of Alice Temperly with fabulous vintage touches.

3 Arantxa Diaz and Juan Ignacio Zoido

Juan Ignazio Zoido, son of the Mayor of Seville, He got married a few months ago with Arantxa Diaz. Arantxa chose a dress and some accessories that I particularly I fall in love from the first moment, a wonderful simple design with a marked shoulder pads and a Crown of sensational golden colored leaves.

2. Mary Colonques and Andrés Benet

No doubt this is one of the nicest dresses of the year, it is the of Maria Colonques, daughter of the owner of Porcelanosa, and sign it Elie Saab. A dress that is huge but at the same time simple, full of sequins but perfect in terms of tone and the same tune.

1 Magdalena of Sweden and Christopher O’Neill

The Valentino Magdalena of Sweden was completely spectacular, a radiant bride in the happiest day of his life in a royal wedding with essence of Royal Wedding. Valentino returned to match betting on the lace and a pretty classic silhouette that the beautiful Princess took him to perfection.

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