10 Errors Of Makeup That Brides In Their Wedding

The bridal look is one of the most thrilling of a wedding, of course, the dress is the centerpiece and axis of the style of the wedding, but accompanying this come the shoes, jewelry and makeup, details that can not be neglected for the big day.

Inside these essentials, makeup is one that we must take into account and not leave it to the last minute. Be possible maybe it is having tests conducted before the day of the ceremony, it must have complete confidence that the driver will do a super job according to the style of the wedding. There can be nothing worse than having all the full regalia and a clashed makeup. Considering that the most important is to feel completely pleased with all of our look, is essential to avoid these errors:

1. Very Heavy Makeup

Makeup with many tones and dark colors of the wedding night, should avoid it during the celebrations of day and above all, if we are going to bet on a full look, do it to the extent that we feel comfortable not to have the feeling of being disguised. The tendency is to search in all the pictures makeup to look as natural as possible.

2. Excessive Tanning

No one here wants to see Donald Trump in your wedding, it is very important that if you choose to give you a bit of color before the great day you sure that the dye will not be orange or a darker color than necessary. Recommended is that you look for shades that are closer to the goldand do it a few days earlier.

3 Delineated Little Flattering

The outline of the eyes is one of the elements that add more value to your makeup, before choosing a delineated for the wedding, Czech type of line comes better to the shape of your eye. It may not be very thick, and it cannot be a very dramatic path if you are not in keeping with the style and the timetable of the wedding.


White circles under the eyes are prohibited, the spell was created for dark circles city not to put thick layers of this under your eyes. The “raccoon effect” is the worst mistakes that can be made, because the light in photographs will accentuate these circles and remember them for life.

5 Eyebrows Are Not Going With You

Is trend that eyebrows are super marked, thick and defined, but definitely does not have to be a rule. Each side has its own style, very makeup eyebrows belong to a certain type of face and personality, not you must pretend to be someone we are not.

6 Super Fake False Eyelashes

Must see natural, so you must take care of some extensions that make it to the super tabs fakeIt should not be guided by prices and we take maximum care applying them, preferably done by a professional. You must not forget to glue the party if there is a problem during the dance.

7. Clown Cheeks

The beloved blush, whether in shades of gold or pink can be a great ally or a blunder if applied too. It should be applied with discretion and in the right places, there is both dramatize the lines, we are not going to come out in a play.

8 Make-Up Of Poor Quality

You are 10 minutes away from the first dance and feel how slowly your shadows and eyeliner begin to fade. They do not necessarily have to be very expensive products, but it should take into account that makeup will last a whole night in perfect condition. There are fixing sprays and long-lasting makeup that are essential so that everything stays in place.

9. Dehydrated Lips

In general all skin must have a correct hydration process before the wedding, but the face and lips especially are two points that can not be disregarded. A mouth painted with a beautiful matte tone will be wrong if the lips have cracks and are neglected. Before applying the lipstick, be sure to hydrate.

10.-Use Basis That Is Not Your Tone

It is important to find the base color that you belongs to, this is a struggle every day for every woman, but it is essential to not choose a tone or lower and darker. The base is precisely the principle that will explain all the makeup for the big day, you have to be very strict at the time of choosing a tone so you paint the skin.