10 (Different) Forms of The ‘Something Blue’ Look

The color blue has been connected with wedding traditions for centuries, but not to be a habit we must carry of the typical and most obvious way.

10 (Different) Forms of The 'Something Blue' Look

That being said, we have listed 10 original ways to incorporate the ‘something blue’ in your big day. You’ll love them!

  1. dress.Without a doubt the most daring and risky, but it is not crazy.Many designers Zuhair Murad, Elie Saab and Oscar of the Rentto have shown wedding proposals in this tone.

2.Groom in blue.Blue tuxedo, is an excellent alternative to the black traditional model, since it is more striking, less common and super chic.

  1. paper.Why wear it until the day of the ceremony?Included in the Save the date or invitations.Tone is up to you, may be from a Tiffany blue, a bright cobalt or a very elegant marino.
  2. gemstone.Many brides receive an engagement ring with a Sapphire;the Duchess of Cambridge is the perfect example of this. But we know that there are few who can choose the model of that ring, so we suggest that the ring’s married is a blue churumbela.
  3. hands of Princess.French style is the manicure more used by brides however can give afun twist. Requests to change this classic white tips by a light blue.
  4. hairstyle.If someone dares to try accessories fashion is the character of Carrie Bradshaw, inSex and the City. Do you remember the hit that took in the film? They were blue feathers with a bird. If you feel that too muchYou can opt for crystals or flowers instead.
  5. colourful dishes.Most resorts to the vintage and it is not that the lace tablecloths or bird cages are wrong, but many forget that the crockery is the main thing to dress up a table.The blue is one more successful to decorate gardens and outside links.
  6. Happy Hour.Remember that ‘something blue’ you don’t have to wear, it can also be placed in any part of the ceremony, so the options are endless.Why not incorporate light touches of color in beverages?
  7. dance floor.Without a doubt the largest of your celebration an ornamental element.so it is an excellent place to put this tone. Design is up to you, but can be scratched, garigoleado or even with their initials.
  8. automobile.Vintage cars have ‘something’ that falls in love with at first sight.Therefore, we suggest to arrive at Church in a Volkswagen, Mini Cooper and Fiat 500 sky blue antique. You can also try a Vespa Scooter, your photos will be memorable and very original!