10 Barbershops in Sao Paulo to Groom No Put Defect

Want to make a relaxed day of the bride and groom with your friends? How about a good barber shop? See the best of São Paulo!

It is not only the bride who is entitled to a special day with her friends. The groom also needs to relax and enjoy the pre-wedding, after all, the dream is for both of them and he will also be the center of attention on the Great Day. To help with this choice, we separate the most beloved ballerinas in São Paulo for a Groom’s Day Perfect with friends and family.And prepare yourself, because the fun is guaranteed in these places, which even have a pool table, video game, bar and cigar shop.Check it!

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1. Barber shop July 9

Decorated in the 40s and 50s, the barber shop has a passion for vintage cars and rock and roll.Warm towels to moisturize the skin, disposable razors and facial massage are some of the techniques used on the spot.The house caters exclusively to men and has clients from 10 to 70 years, but especially in the age group between 20 and 40 years.It’s a good place to gather friends, have a beer, and get ready for the wedding.

Prices range from $ 20 to $ 60 and the barber shop does not accept a credit card.


Rua Augusta, 1371-sala 05
11 3283-0170

Largo San Francisco
Rua Senador Paulo Egídio, 63
11 3101-8592

Rua João Cachoeira, 894
11 3071-4172

Street of trade
Rua do Comércio, 40
11 3106-2111

Vila Mariana
Rua Domingos de Morais, 1031
11 5084-2989

Vila Madalena
Rua Purpurina, 299
11 3812-2976

Rua Tijuco Preto, 174
11 2092-5045

Rua Francisca Julia, 43
11 3628-5242

2. Barber Shop Cartola

Inspired by the concept of classic barbershop, the place is more than a meeting point between friends and care of aesthetics. The barbershop offers some “adult toys” that you and your friends will love, such as snooker, video game and poker table. They have a place reserved for the Day of the Groom with differentiated services.


Avenida Rouxinol 639. Bairro Moema. Sao Paulo-SP
Phone: 11.25893967

3. Barber shop Cavalera

This barber shop is located inside the Cavalera store on Oscar Freire Street and is led by the musician Marinho from Pavilion 9. For the most fashionably engaged grooms, the option is great!The house specialties will be the traditional haircut and the beard made with warm towel.

The haircut and beard leave for R $ 35 each, or, in the option for the two services, R $ 60. The general cut with machine leaves for R $ 20.


Rua Oscar Freire, 1102. São Paulo / SP.

4. Barbearia Veracruz

Located in the North Zone of São Paulo, the barbershop was born with the concept of creating a relaxing environment so that men can perform the services of haircut and trim the eyebrows without embarrassment. For fun on the spot, the bride and groom can count on pool table, video game, assorted beers and chocolate for the kids.


Avenida Voluntários da Pátria, 3,604 São Paulo / SP.

Phone: (11) 3637-5300

5. Barber Shop Noir Le Lis

A barber shop within the Noir store, Le Lis, inspired by the typical barbershops of the 1940s. Run by the renowned hairdresser Marcos Proença, the ambiance is unique for serving up to two customers at a time.In the services, you can find cut, dye, treatments and beard.The appointments are made by appointment and the service is done by the hairdresser Anderson Santos.

The male cut costs $ 210 and the beard service $ 90.


Rua Bela Cintra, 2305. São Paulo / SP.

Phone: (11) 3061-0047

6. Circus Hair

How about taking care of the beard, hair and still getting a tattoo?Yes, at Circus this is possible.The place is inspired by the circus environment and seeks to bring together various tribes and styles.In addition to the traditional services such as beard, hair, dyes, manicure and pedicure, the place has a space for tattooing, games, sale of artworks and even a brechó.The first beer is on the house.

The price list can be found on the website.


  1. Pamplona, ​​1115-Jd. Paulista-SP.
    Phones: 11 32622127-11 32530510
  2. Augusta, 1026 – Consolação-SP
    Phones: 11 32531698-11 32835863

7. Corleone

Much more than a barber shop, Corleone was one of the pioneers in the service and offers a super nice lounge with everything men love, plus a billboard with over 450 beer labels.The two units in the capital of São Paulo have exclusive menus for those who want to snack while having a draft beer or for those who will make a full meal, including dessert.Saturday is feijoada day.And every day is the day to find nice people there.Motorcyclists, bike people and many groups of friends make the house a point and the moment to shave a celebration.

They offer exclusive services for Groom’s Day and no godfather put defect, including massage, manicure, podiatry, hair removal, beard, hair & mustache.


Itaim Unit
Rua Dr. Renato Paes de Barros, 390
Itaim Bibi | About Us | 04530 00
Tel 11 2538 80 09

Vila Olímpia Unit
New Town Street, 26
Vila Olímpia | About Us | 04547 070
Tel 11 3044 23 32

8. Barber Shop and Aesthetics

Inspired by the barbershops of various countries, such as USA, Italy, Spain, Germany, Japan, Uruguay, Chile and Argentina, it offers specific services to contemporary man. With exclusive attention to the Day of the Groom, the place welcomes the godparents and the lucky with everything that they like.

If you want practicality, schedule your services online through Barber’s website!


Av. Agami, 183. São Paulo / SP.
Phone: (11) 5052.7511

9. King of Beard

A place to be pampered! This is the purpose of the King of Beard. With a cozy atmosphere and full of buffs, the groom and his friends can enjoy an incredible Groom’s Day, right up to the cigar!

There are several packages and services that you can check on the site.


Alameda Lorena, 1621 | 01424-002 | Jardim Paulista-São Paulo-SP.
Phone: (011) 3476-0129 / (11) 3476-0121
WhatsApp: (011) 97417-2260

10. Retro Hair

You may even think this is an ordinary room, but you’re wrong.The retro has a vintage style that leaves its customers comfortable and feeling in another era.Besides the women’s services, she is a specialist in men and was the first room to offer the house beer and soda, besides the traditional coffee.

It is a good place to gather friends, enjoy the treatments and leave ready for the wedding.


  1. Augusta, 902. São Paulo / SP.

Phone: (11) 3100-1680

Av. Paulista, 854. São Paulo / SP.

Phone: (11) 3151-5820

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